Medical / Pharmaceutical

Medical / Pharmaceutical

MedicalWith the rising health consciousness amongst the common people, there has been a noteworthy technological commotion in the medical industry at the world level. Blending human touch and the medical technology, administers in the health care industry offer their caring services 24/7, catering to requirements of millions of people, from infants to the critically-ill.
In this exceedingly admired and life saving line of work, Indian medicos have gained immense momentum for themselves in all the global medical industry. Their diligence, intelligence, skill and an honest empathy for the profession makes them the favorite choice of the healthcare centers, particularly in the U.S, U.K and Europe.
This has additionally taken to an upsurge demand of candidates who have infinite growth chances and have a focused and deep knowledge of the industry at many levels. We, at CMC, allow the recruiters to engross candidates with high level of competence and innovative as well as analytical approach.

The candidates we offer for various job openings in the industry include:

1. Specialists like cardiologists, Dentists, Psychiatrists, Dermatologist etc.
2. Blood Bank Technology Specialists
3. Biological and Medical Scientists
4. Health Information Technicians
5. Anesthesiologist Technicians
6. Cardiovascular Technicians
7. Medical Representatives
8. Medical Transcriptions
9. Medical Social Worker
10. Sales representatives
11. Research Associates
12. Physical Therapists
13. Para Medical Staff
14. Lab Assistants
15. Compounds
16. Professors
17. X-ray man
18. Physicians
19. Surgeons
20. Nurses

Possessing the desired experience in the industry, we are having the prospective and the skilled eye to find out the right candidate, taking into account your specifications such as level of compensation, expertise, flexibility to work in shifts etc.

We too allow full schedules for the interview, according to the mutual suitability of the prospective employee and the employer and numerous value added services. Our main objective is to provide the best possible candidates with the available vacancy.

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