Law / Consultancy

LawFraming and keeping up the formalities (rules and regulations) for society on the whole; for business houses plus public in general, law is the mode whereby the behavior of a society is regulated. The aim of law is to make rules of demeanor that are extensively taken in and to build standardized procedures for arbitrating clashes. While widely held wisdom has it that there exist a lot of attorneys, advocates and lawyers, the legal industry is a mounting one.
As well as the hard core law study, the industry includes numerous other specialty zones, together with consultancy in this arena. As law is regarded as a technical profession, which cannot be easily understood by the inexpert persons, firms appoint specialists to help them understand it and carry out the processes it defines.

A few of these specialists are employed with and large corporate law firms or as in-house attorneys in corporations, whereas others continue to keep themselves busy with their private practice, representing individuals or companies in insolvencies, estate planning and the like. Other attorneys assists the government, in numerous agencies or as district lawyers or public defenders. Still others are employed by advocacy groups, and there are just a few, who are technically lawyers, but work in business, banking, academia, or politics. There are also several high-caliber support people, known as paralegals, who do everything from word processing to legal research.

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