Garments / FMCG

The Garment Industry today stand on the bedrock of Fashion Industry. Fashion apparel is all about clothing remains in vogue during some or other time. The concept of fashion means a process of changing style, as fashions in garment are available in many different forms and styles and has been undergoing changes with the passage of time.
All this has increased the demand of candidates with higher productivity, efficiency and augmented designing abilities and capabilities, including specialization in the manufacturing of garments to abet to accelerate productivity. They ought not to be having a sense of creativity, but a thirst to outdo in this industry. The challenging and highly demanding area that needs a blend of assiduousness as well as skillfulness.

India boasts of having a matured clothing industry, which consecutively makes sure that India is having a wide body of skilled manpower. We, at CMC Consultants, brag of a special databank on significant workforces in each extent, from merchandising, manufacturing, designing, import-export government regulations, shipments and freight.

We are very much aware of changing fashion trends in the apparel and fashion and better understand about its impact on the workforce. We’ve crafted our services for the clients in a methodical style so as to answer back within an evidently indicated time frame.

We offer candidates for the a number of job openings in this industry such as Textile Designing, Fashion Designing, Apparel Marketing,Garment Manufacturing etc. A few of the positions we offer recruitment include:

1. Production and Maintenance supervisors for Spinning, weaving and Knitting
2. Purchase officers for Yarns, Fabrics, Trims & accessories
3. Merchandisers, from executive to senior level
4. Apparel research and development personnel
5. Computer Aided Design Technologists
6. Processing labor for Yarns, Fabrics
7. Compliance Executives/Manager
8. Pattern Technologists/ Masters
9. Skilled and unskilled labor
10. Production Managers
11. Marketing executives
12. Production Personnel
13. Industrial Engineers
14. Quality Controllers
15. Fashion Designers
16. Floor Supervisors
17. Textile Designers
18. Store manager
19. Designers

We work as a boutique workforce company, satiating the apparel industry at a worldwide level. We have a team of professionals from the industry, They have got the capabilities and skills which is direly needed to operate and stay in this industry. Within the past few years, we’ve sketched the human resources requirements of the apparel industry in India and other nations in which we formulate a thorough “client profile” so that we can have all necessary information in an appropriate format and within a very short span of time.

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