Education / Training

EducationWe, at CMC Consultants, assist our clients meet these challenges and make sure that their staffs are allied with their corporate business objects. This job is assisted through educationalists and trainers at the correct levels. We function with our candidates on a continuing base, recognizing their personal and career ambitions and then abet them to take that next important step.

Some of the popular vacancies we offer to our clients include:

• Assessment Strategy and Development Education Officer
• Organizational Alignment Personnel
• Project Manager or Co-coordinator
• Training Manager & Analyst
• Junior High School Teacher
• Elementary School Teacher
• Task Manager & Analyst
• Content writer & Editor
• Middle School Teacher
• Curriculum Designer
• School Administrator
• High School Teacher
• Management Staff
• Substitute Teacher
• Student Services
• College Faculty
• Instructor
• Professor
• Dean

Our team boasts of having a several years of experience and all through these years, we’ve created a authoritative network of candidates and clients, which can often considerably decrease the volume of time consumed to find out candidates with market knowledge and rare skills.

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