Aviation / Airline

Airline or Aviation sector is undergoing an upsurge of rising awareness and interest. With global liberalization and initiating sector for private players, the industry has carved a niche place in the industry, which has led to a considerable surge in the employee base in the airline industry, which keeps looking for candidates to cater to its various needs.

Progressively more and more airlines have begun to distinguish between the real cost of miserable selection of candidate. Clients now don’t want to hire the unfitting candidate (which brings about high staff turnover with the resulting expenditures – wasted money, time, disruption and absent resources) and are therefore now turning to the pool of the selection specialists and psychologists to help them source a key executive or to carry out large scale recruitment campaigns.

Using their years old aviation sector’s experience, our professionals have brought about advanced and avant-garde models and systems for the assessment of candidates for a number of positions in cabin crew, ground crew, flight crew, etc, either ab initio or in several recruitment stages. We do selection and recruitment of aviation personnel for a gamut of clients entailing civil, military and VIP corporate aircraft operators. We also offer our clients, who are willing to take advantage of our ‘executive search’ services for aviation personnel, with psychological and psychometric profiling.

Some of the key job categories that we cater to in the airline industry include:
1. Cargo Manager and Handler
2. Maintenance Personnel
3. Management personnel
4. Simulator Instructors
5. Sheet metal workers
6. JAR Audit Inspectors
7. Air Traffic Controller
8. Licensed engineers
9. Ground Operator
10.Training Captains
11.Flight Engineers
12.Flight Operator
14.HR specialist
15.HR Specialist
17.First Officers
18.Air hostess

Ever since the concept of outsourcing services or staff has been introduced in the market, almost all the industries have begun to benefit from it and are saving their cost and time. Outsourcing a part of an airline’s selection is speedily turning into a cost-effective reality for most airlines and our consultancy division boasts of having a staff, which is experienced in the selection of aviation personnel who, with the help of knowledgeable aviation psychologists, deliver a complete recruitment, screening, and selection service.

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