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Administrative Services Staffing AgenciesMiddle East is one of the rapidly developing markets of the world, and we at CMC specialize in setting up the business in Dubai.
Details about Dubai.
Dubai is top among the world’s leading trading centers. It presents:
It is an entryway to the Gulf States, CIS, Middle East, Asian subcontinent and East Africa for about more than one billion people.
Well-known operating links throughout the Iran, AGCC and the other neighboring markets.
A broad choice of prospective trading partners and strong commercial tradition.
A supreme airport and port facilities in the terms of competence, flexibility and size.
A quickly developing and manufacturing sector that produces a broad range of top quality products from electronics to aluminum ingots.
A flourishing and upbeat domestic market.
Regional Offices Opportunity
Dubai is a perfect spot for a regional head office with its pro-business government rules and is one of the most open-minded rigid atmospheres in the region. The city presents:

No tax is applied on the incomes or profits.
It has a constant, freely exchangeable currency
It has many major international hotels, lawyer, advertising agencies, banks, accountancy firms, consultants, etc.
It has an exhibition venue and major conference in the Middle East.
It has a capable and an affordable staff readily available.
Air links to over 100 cities via 65 airlines.
Has an eminent global and local telecommunications
A lifestyle that is international and a lenient crime free atmosphere.
A real prospect for transport and distribution.
The location and the infrastructure of Dubai make it entirely suitable for the global distribution and transport system:

The midway is tactfully placed between Europe and Far East.
The transportation infrastructure is well equipped with all the latest cargo managing facilities.
The ever growing worldwide links and all the feeder services to Iran and the other local markets are suppliers for Dubai’s ports.
It has intentionally built cold storage and has limitless cheap storage and warehouse facilities.
Excellent local transport links via an urban highway network.
A vast opportunity for industrial investment.
Has the world’s quickest sea air- transfers that have a record of about four hours. Dubai ranks as the foremost industrial place, in the Gulf. These include:

Secure and capable recruitment procedures guarantee the accessibility of an experienced and skilled manpower at viable cost.
The Free Zone Authority offers the top level of administrative support. So join with us and open your business in Dubai.
A high level of administrative support from the Free Zone Authority;
Rapidly growing domestic demand offers good opportunities for joint venture manufacturing and processing operations outside the Jebel Ali Free Zone.

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