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Candor Management Consultancy is proud to be a preferred overseas recruitment agency for firms located in GCC countries. Our highly reputed manpower consultancy firm is based out of Dubai, UAE. We act as a bridge between recruitment solutions in Asian and African countries and all GCC countries. Our major role is to analyze manpower requirements of our clients and offer them services on that basis, in the form of efficient workforce from their choice of country.

Candor is a reputed overseas recruitment agencies with reputation in the international market. At our company, you will be able to see an impressive list of repeat clientele. This has been a result of our tireless focus on the quality of services. We know that the major challenge for most global companies is to be able to fit the right person into the right post. To ensure this is done, recruitment experts here are willing to spend extra time, if necessary, to select the best candidate.

Other than recruiting the right candidate, we are also fond of building trustworthy relationships with our clients. Our recruitment consultancy has earned goodwill in the recruitment market by providing smart solutions for employment and placements. We analyze, nurture and find highly professional and skilled individuals for various businesses. In a nutshell, Candor Management Consultancy provides services ranging from small-scale recruitment to large-scale recruitment of overseas manpower to all GCC Countries. Since the main demand is for candidates from Asian and African region, we undertake the same responsibility.

Talking about our worldwide reach, Candor Management Consultancy has several branchesĀ or recruitment agencies around the world. These are located in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines and Uganda. All our agencies in these countries provide overseas manpower services to the Middle Eastern countries of Dubai Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain & Kuwait.

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Recruitment Agencies in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh

Yes, it is true that there is always demand for quality workers and employees in every organization across globe and so Candor Management Consultancy took the initiative in helping the recruitment agencies of different countries for sourcing the right manpower for organizations looking for the same. In India there is a high demand of overseas employees these days and vice-versa there is equal demand of Indian workers in rest part of the globe. To keep a perfect balance in demand and supply of man power Candor Management is offering great support to the Recruitment Agencies in India.

In spite of being based out in UAE the team of Candor Management is maintaining a good connectivity with the recruitment consultancy in India. The opportunity which is offered by the team of Candor to recruitment agencies is huge. We are making the sourcing of the right candidate for the organizations with support of our great networking with global associates.

Candor Management Consultancy is highly committed towards delivering excellent recruitment services to the organizations in Pakistan and the recruitment Agencies in Pakistan. The team of Candor Management is well connected and partnered with the leading organizations in different parts of the globe and helping the recruitment agencies in picking the right candidates from Pakistan for various overseas opening looking for skilled employees.

We are very committed towards our clients and work in an innovative manner to pick the best candidate for overseas opening from Nepal. We conduct the screening of the candidates to find the correct match for the right position and also for the right opening for the right candidate. The team of Candor is working to deliver an excellent experience to the clients from Nepal and Bangladesh

We as a recruitment agency provide experienced and fresh engineering graduates from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Uganda for a variety of requirements in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE.

Candor Management Consultancy is an eminent provider of Overseas Manpower Services, Staffing and Employment Solutions worldwide.